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Our lineup will meet all your needs from those who want to test the recognition and prediction capabilities of the MT system to those who are considering its practical application in inspection and predictive maintenance.

The computational processing of each software is performed by a common computational library called MT-SDK. The MT-SDK is highly sophisticated and overcomes calculation problems such as multicollinearity problems. The MT-SDK is highly sophisticated and has an amazing computational speed. Our software is also used in JAXA's rocket autonomous inspection system.

MTRT-AddIns on excel
Introductory software runs on Excel
Calculations including MTS and MSR

Ultra-fast MT methodATMTS

Waveform feature extractionWaveTools

Spectral identity determinationATSpectrum

MT System LibraryMT-SDK

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Overview of each software

MTRT-AddIns  (Easy operation of MT system on Excel)

It runs on Excel and can perform five types of calculations that are highly practical in MT systems: MT method, RT method, standardized mispressure method, T method(1), and MSR.  The easy-to-read graphical display and excellent operability allow you to test the effectiveness of pattern recognition and prediction.

 Although it is an introductory software, you can check its effectiveness on many real-world tasks.

ATMTS (Dedicated software for ultra high-speed MT method)

It is a software specialized in MT method and performs all calculations at ultra-high speed. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of graphs, which improves the efficiency of analysis work. The MT method is often used for the same purpose as deep learning. JAXA chose the MT method because it has the best recognition accuracy.

WaveTool (Waveform feature extraction software)

This software extracts waveform features from time series data such as vibration, sonic shapes, temperature and pressure. The software extracts the features proposed by Dr. Genichi Taguchi, such as the amount of change and the amount of existence (differential and integral characteristics), at ultra-high speed. These features are different from the conventional frequency characteristics (FFT), and have rich waveform information. In addition, WaveTool has a function to transfer the extracted features directly to ATMTS in the PC memory, which greatly improves the analysis efficiency. It is often used for abnormal noise inspection, vibration inspection, and monitoring problems.

ATSpectrum (Spectrum identity evaluation software)

A software that combines feature extraction from spectral data and MT method calculation. It is applied to the inspection of chromatogram waveform and press-in history curve, and so on. It instantly determines if the waveform shape is the same as a normal waveform. It can also be applied to multi-peaked spectral waveforms, so it can be used for component analysis. In addition, if the waveform is judged to be not-normal, the part that differs from the normal waveform is instantly identified.

REM-Wave (Software for on-site installation of waveform inspection)

This is a software to introduce waveform, such as vibration and sound, inspection in the field. It uses the results obtained by WaveTool and ATMTS . It is useful not only for inspection of abnormalities but also for prevention of abnormalities. It judges the OK/NG of the input waveform in real time and outputs the result from the USB port. It also has a data saving function.

MT-SDK (Library for embedded use)

It is a software library with computational processing and feature extraction for MT systems, and has about 100 functions. It can be called as a function from languages such as VBA and VC to get the results. It performs ultra-high speed and high precision processing.

About Licensing

All of the above software must be used on a PC with a hardware key installed, but it is also available as a software license. In the case of hardware keys, there is no limit to the number of PCs that can be installed.
Except in special cases, the software will be purchased and no annual fee will be charged.
The latest revision can be updated by downloading from the website.
For details, please CONTACT US.

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