Performs five different calculations on Excel

You can try the MT system's five different calculations.
For your introductory use and verification of real problems.

<1> MT method

<2> RT method

<3> Error Variance method

<4> T-1 method

<5> MSR

It solves the problems of "multicollinearity" and "sigma-zero"  problems, so that highly accurate calculation results can be obtained for any kind of data.

As a function to diagnose the cause of abnormal results, you can choose between the Paley-type orthogonal table method and a fast calculation method called the "Contribution method."

Easy to use and easy to understand graphs make it possible to proceed with efficient analysis.

Example of operation and result display

The correlation matrix of the unit data is displayed. You can check which items are highly correlated with each other.





The Mahalanobis distance (MD) of the target data, the results of the cause diagnostics of the abnormality and other information are displayed in a graph.

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